The Charm and Mystery of Abandoned Buildings


I have only very recently discovered how awesome abandoned buildings are – not only for their charm and mysteriousness but also for the world of photo opportunities that opens up before me. I anticipate that this feast of subject matter contained in a comparatively small area will have me coming back several times to the one place to make sure I’ve covered everything. Very exciting!

Having only heard of The Maltings in the last week I decided to pay a visit on the way back home to Sydney. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t behaving and it started raining quite heavily almost as soon as I arrived. Not wanting to get my camera gear wet I took shelter next to a tree and took a few shots, one of which appears above. After reading further about this site I’m convinced that I need to take someone with me just in case I fall through a floor or a staircase somewhere. Strangely enough the possibility of this happening adds to the excitement of visiting the place 🙂

There’s a brief history of the place on Wikipedia:

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